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Comprehensive Report on MD Seminar at the Department of Biochemistry

  • 2024-02-15

On the auspicious date of 15th February 2024, the Department of Biochemistry at Santosh Medical College orchestrated a significant seminar meticulously aligned with the rigorous standards set forth by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). This event, held from 11:00 AM to 1PM, served as an intellectual symposium for MD students to showcase their research endeavors and contribute to the scientific discourse in biochemistry.

Speakers and Topics:

The seminar featured three distinguished speakers, each representing a distinct facet of biochemistry:

  1. Dr. Renuka (MD 2nd Year):

The seminar on Quality Control in Clinical Biochemistry Labs emphasized the critical role of stringent quality assurance measures in ensuring accurate and reliable test results. Attendees gained insights into the implementation of quality control protocols, including calibration, proficiency testing, and adherence to regulatory standards, highlighting the importance of maintaining high standards for patient care and diagnostic accuracy.

  1. Dr. Shivangi (MD 1st Year):

Topic: "ELISA"
Dr. Shivangi, in her presentation on  Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) elucidated its pivotal role in detecting and quantifying various substances such as proteins, hormones, and antibodies, offering a versatile tool for biomedical research and clinical diagnostics. Attendees gained insights into the principles, methodologies, and applications of ELISA, fostering a deeper understanding of its significance in modern medical sciences.

  1. Dr. Himanshu (MD 1st Year):
  2. "CLIA"
    The seminar on Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) highlighted its regulatory framework aimed at ensuring accuracy, reliability, and quality in clinical laboratory testing. Attendees delved into the requirements for laboratory certification, proficiency testing, and personnel qualifications mandated by CLIA, gaining crucial insights into maintaining high standards of diagnostic testing in healthcare settings.
  3. Dr. Vidushi (MD 1st Year):

Topic: "chromatography"
The seminar on chromatography provided a comprehensive overview of its principles and diverse applications in separating and analyzing complex mixtures of substances. Attendees explored various chromatographic techniques such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and thin-layer chromatography, gaining insights into their utility across fields including pharmaceuticals, forensics, and environmental science.

5.Dr. Kunal (MD 1st Year):

Topic: "RIA"
The seminar on Radioimmunoassay (RIA) elucidated its pivotal role in quantifying minute concentrations of antigens or antibodies in biological samples using radioisotope-labeled reagents. Attendees gained insights into the principles, methodologies, and applications of RIA, fostering a deeper understanding of its significance in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics.


  1. Dr. Neeraj (MD 1st Year):
    1. Topic: "electrophoresis"
      Dr. Neeraj, a first-year MD student, enriched the seminar on electrophoresis provided a comprehensive overview of its principles and applications in molecular biology and biochemistry. Attendees gained insights into various electrophoretic techniques such as agarose gel electrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, exploring their utility in DNA, RNA, and protein analysis for research and clinical diagnostics.


Question and Answer Session:

Following the enlightening presentations, the seminar transitioned into a dynamic question and answer session. This interactive phase facilitated a deeper understanding of the topics presented and encouraged scholarly discussions among the participants.

Distinguished Attendees:

The seminar was graced by the esteemed presence of mentors, senior faculty members, and mentors of postgraduate students, including:

  • Dr. Sivanesan (Dy. Dean Research)
  • Dr. R. N. Gupta (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Eram (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Luna (Assistant Professor)
  • Mrs. Priya & Mr. Sunil (Tutors)

Additionally, the participation of Ph.D. scholars and MD PG students, such as Dr. Renuka, Dr. Shivangi, and Dr. Kunal, Dr. Vidushi, Dr. Neeraj further enriched the academic dialogue, creating a multidimensional learning environment.


In conclusion, the seminar not only adhered to the NAAC guidelines but also stood as a testament to the commitment of Santosh Medical College's Department of Biochemistry to academic excellence. The collective efforts of faculty, mentors, and students ensured that the event was not only informative but also fostered a culture of collaborative research and continuous learning. This comprehensive engagement reflects the department's dedication to maintaining high standards of education and research within the realm of biochemistry.