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Department Of Periodontics And Oral Implantology In Collaboration With Isp Celebrated Oral Hygiene Week

  • 2023-08-01

Under the guidance of Dr Shweta Bali (Prof and HOD), on occasion of Oral Hygiene Day 2023 on 1st August 2023, the Department of Periodontology along with Department of Public Health Dentistry, Santosh Dental College, Ghaziabad in collaboration with Indian Society of Periodontology, organised an event with various activities on account of oral hygiene day celebrations. Dr Priyanka Aggarwal (Professor), Dr Amit Garg (Professor), Dr Aruna Nautiyal (Sr Lecturer), Dr Puneet Kumar (HOD Public Health Dentistry) along with 3 Pg students, interns and Dental Hygienist Students were a part of the event. Ms Shivani Adhikari, ISP representative had also visited and witnessed the event. The theme of this year’s oral hygiene day celebration was “Be the Ecodontist”. The event included a camp, Patient Counselling regarding the importance of oral hygiene maintenance and the use of eco-friendly measures for the purpose, Distribution of eco-friendly toothbrushes to patients, Distribution of pamphlets outlining the importance of oral hygiene maintenance and a presentation on the importance of eco-friendly Dentistry. 83 patients were screened at the camp and they were briefed about the importance of Oral Hygiene and to switch to wooden toothbrushes instead of plastic ones. Patients were also taught about Ideal Brushing Technique and use of Interdental Aids. The camp ended with distribution of free samples of toothpastes, tooth brushes and mouthwashes to the patients, while a questionnaire pertaining to oral hygiene was filled in by them. Poster making and Reel making competition was also organized for the undergraduates, post graduates, interns and dental hygienist students and number of entries were received from the enthusiastic students.

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