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Departmental Seminar of Post-Graduate Student

  • 2023-07-27

On 27nd July 2023, the Biochemistry Department at Santosh Medical College and Hospital, organized a Departmental Post-Graduate Seminar on Enzyme purification and mitochondrial disease. The seminar aimed to provide an opportunity for post-graduate students to present their research findings, share knowledge, receive constructive feedback, and engage in scholarly discussions with their peers and faculty members. The discussion was fruitful and new insights were shared by the students and the faculty members.


1.Faculty members and Post graduate students, department of biochemistry, SDTU.

2. Faculty members, Central Research facility, SDTU

Learning outcomes:

Continuing Medical Education (CME):

Seminars offer valuable opportunities for medical professionals to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. CME is essential for maintaining licensure, certifications, and staying current with medical best practices, new treatment modalities, and advancements in medical technology.

Professional Development:

Attending medical seminars provides medical professionals with the chance to enhance their clinical skills, keep abreast of emerging medical trends, and learn about the latest medical equipment and technologies. These opportunities contribute to continuous professional development and improved patient care.

Exposure to Specialized Topics:

The medical field is vast and constantly evolving. Seminars often focus on specialized topics, rare diseases, or cutting-edge research that may not be widely discussed in mainstream medical literature. Such exposure expands medical professionals' knowledge base and encourages exploration of new areas of interest.

Addressing Clinical Challenges:

Seminars often include case presentations, panel discussions, and workshops that address clinical challenges and complex medical cases. Collaborative problem-solving in such settings can lead to improved patient management strategies and novel treatment approaches.

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