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Doctors Day Celebration in the Department of Biochemistry

  • 2023-07-01

The Department of Biochemistry organized a Doctor's Day celebration on July 1, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The event was held to honour the contributions and achievements of doctors and healthcare professionals in the field of medicine. The celebration followed the guidelines set by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The event was led by Dr. Juhi Aggarwal, the Head of the Department of Biochemistry.

The Doctor's Day celebration was graced by distinguished guests, including Dr. Alka Aggarwal, the Dean of the Medical Faculty, and Dr. Jyoti Batra, the Dean of Research. Additionally, faculty members, postgraduate students, and non-teaching staff from the Department of Biochemistry were present to commemorate the occasion.

Event Highlights:

3.1. Inauguration and Felicitation:

The event began with a formal inauguration, where Dr. Juhi Aggarwal welcomed the attendees and highlighted the significance of Doctor's Day. She emphasized the tireless efforts and commitment of healthcare professionals in providing quality medical care. Dr. Alka Aggarwal and Dr. Jyoti Batra also shared their thoughts and expressed appreciation for the doctors' dedication.

3.2. Presentations and Panel Discussion:

To promote knowledge sharing and professional growth, several faculty members and postgraduate students delivered presentations on recent advancements in the field of biochemistry. These presentations were followed by a panel discussion, where participants actively engaged in discussing emerging healthcare challenges and strategies for addressing them.

3.3. Cake Cutting Ceremony:

As a gesture of celebration and gratitude, a cake cutting ceremony took place to honor all the doctors present. This symbolic act aimed to recognize their unwavering commitment to patient care and medical research.

3.4. Lunch and Networking:

After the formal proceedings, a lunch was arranged, providing an opportunity for all participants to interact and network with one another. The relaxed environment fostered camaraderie and facilitated meaningful conversations among the attendees.

3.5. Group Photograph:

To commemorate the event, a group photograph was taken, capturing the collective spirit and enthusiasm of the participants. The photograph will serve as a memento of the Doctor's Day celebration and a reminder of the shared commitment to healthcare excellence.

Compliance with NAAC Guidelines:

The Doctor's Day celebration adhered to the guidelines set by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). These guidelines emphasize the importance of fostering a holistic educational environment, promoting research and innovation, and recognizing the achievements of faculty members and students. The event successfully integrated these principles into the program, ensuring alignment with NAAC standards.

The Doctor's Day celebration in the Department of Biochemistry was a resounding success, thanks to the leadership of Dr. Juhi Aggarwal and the active participation of Dr. Alka Aggarwal, Dr. Jyoti Batra, faculty members, postgraduate students, and non-teaching staff. The event not only honored doctors' invaluable contributions but also provided a platform for knowledge exchange and networking. By adhering to NAAC guidelines, the celebration reinforced the department's commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement in healthcare education.

Overall, the Doctor's Day celebration in the Department of Biochemistry served as a reminder of the pivotal role doctors play in society and fostered a sense of appreciation and unity among all attendees

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