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Guest Lecture on Post Insertion Complaints and Its Management by Dr. Pankaj Bajaj

  • 2024-02-03

The Department of Prosthodontics was honoured to host a guest lecture by      Dr. Pankaj Bajaj on the topic of "Post Insertion Complaints and Management." Dr. Pankaj, a renowned expert in the field of dentistry, brought valuable insights and expertise to the session, providing attendees with invaluable knowledge on managing post-insertion complaints effectively.

Overview: The lecture commenced with an overview of common post-insertion complaints encountered in dental practice, including discomfort, pain, speech issues, and prosthesis-related complications. Dr. Pankaj emphasized the importance of understanding the underlying causes of these complaints and adopting a systematic approach to their management.

Key Highlights:

Diagnostic Assessment: Dr. Pankaj stressed the significance of conducting a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to identify the root cause of post-insertion complaints. This includes evaluating factors such as occlusion, fit, tissue health, and patient feedback.

Treatment Modalities: Various treatment modalities for addressing post-insertion complaints were discussed, including adjustments to prosthesis fit and occlusion, tissue conditioning, and patient education on proper oral hygiene practices.

Case Studies: Dr. Pankaj presented insightful case studies illustrating real-life scenarios of post-insertion complaints and their effective management strategies. Attendees were encouraged to actively participate in the discussion, sharing their own experiences and insights.

Preventive Measures: Proactive measures to minimize the occurrence of post-insertion complaints were also addressed, including meticulous prosthesis fabrication, thorough patient assessment, and regular follow-up care.

Q&A Session: The lecture concluded with an interactive Q&A session, during which attendees had the opportunity to seek clarification on specific topics and engage in further discussion with Dr. Pankaj. This session facilitated knowledge exchange and allowed attendees to gain deeper insights into the subject matter.

Conclusion: The guest lecture by Dr. Pankaj on post-insertion complaints and management proved to be highly informative and enriching for all attendees. The event served as a testament to the department's commitment to fostering continuous learning and professional development among its faculty and students.