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  • 2023-04-03

An interdepartmental activity took place on 3/04/23 at 2; 00PM in the Department of Child psychology. Coordinators included the guest of honor Dr.Parul Gairola (Asst Professor Department of child psychology), Dr Ashok Kumar (Prof and Head of Department Medicine), and Dr Shyam Kant Shindey (Professor and HOD of Pediatrics). It was an activity conducted to orient the attendees the nursing staff the students and also the post graduates about Down’s syndrome and world autism awareness day.

Our chief guests were Dr. Alka Agarwal (Dean of college and Prof. Pediatrics), This program was being attended by interns, nursing staff, department of Pediatrics, department of psychiatry, and department of Medicine which included approximately 80 audiences. The presentation was started with a keynote address by Dr Shyam Kant Shinde (Professor and HOD of Pediatric)

On Down’s syndrome and autism and a clinical view on the disease. It was an overview about detection and approach towards children with the disease and further helping the parents and children for the same. Two short small videos were shown to explain how these children are also equally special and their contribution in the society and how they can also flourish

Then Dr Ashok Kumar (Prof and Head of Department Medicine) shared insight about management, early detection and the role of medicine in Down’s syndrome and autism Then Dr A.K Seth (Prof and Head of Psychiatry) further preceded with their role in detection and clinical features in a child with Down’s syndrome and autism. Along with which Dr Rani Srivastava (Prof and Head of Department of child psychology) gave her insight about combined role of the departments in psychological assessment and managing such special children. A small vote of thanks was given to all the departments by the department of Child Psychology

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