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ISOI Conference 2023

  • 2023-10-06

We are pleased to inform that Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Professor, and Head, 2 faculty members and 1 post graduate student from Department of Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge have attended The ISOI Conference 2023 held at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. It was an event that featured comprehensive agenda that encompassed keynote lectures, fellowship sessions, paper and poster presentations, gala dinner and mega trade exhibition.

The conference opened with insightful keynote addresses from 24 national and 12 international speakers from the field of Oral Implantology. These speakers offered valuable perspectives on current trends, challenges, and future prospects in the field of Oral Implantology.

The conference hosted numerous paper and poster presentations, allowing researchers to share their latest findings and innovations. Its our proud privilege to share that Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta (Professor & HOD, Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge) was appointed as a chairperson to judge the paper presentations.

The ISOI Conference provided ample networking opportunities, fostering connections with professionals and researchers from around the world. These interactions were invaluable for exchanging ideas and establishing potential collaborations.

The conference also featured exhibition area where companies and organizations showcased their products and services related to oral implantology. It was an excellent opportunity to explore the latest advancements and technologies in the industry.

The key takeaways from the ISOI Conference were:

1. A deeper understanding of the latest trends and developments in oral implantology.

2. Valuable insights from industry experts and thought leaders.

3. Enhanced networking connections with professionals in the field.

4. Exposure to cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the exhibition area.

We are extremely grateful to our institution for providing us this opportunity to attend the ISOI Conference 2023. Without the provision of sponsorship and encouragement from Dr. Akshay Bhargava, Dean Dental, this enriching experience would not have been possible.

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