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Malaria Day 2023

  • 2023-04-25

Department of Pharmacology has celebrated “World Malaria Day” on 25th April 2023 for sensitization of MBBS students about National Malaria Elimination Programme under Government of India. This celebration was a joint effort of all faculties.

To make it interactive, department has played video describing milestones in National malaria elimination programme from time to time since 1953, goals and objectives of NMEP, division of states into 4 categories based on Malaria burden decided by API (Annual Parasite Index). Other things discussed are Strategies applied to achieve these goals including NMDP (National Malaria Drug Policy) and general guidelines in treating Malaria. Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation is discussed along with Vaccine and vector control.

This event was a learning exposure for the students as well as faculties. Dr. Shaktibala Dutta explained the government’s role in NMEP.Total 57 MBBS students, Faculty members attended the celebration of “World Malaria Day”. Next day, students were asked to participate after registration in a quiz competition based on NMEP. Quiz conducted by Dr. Vaishali with help of Dr. Rajni. Total four rounds, viz. Round 1- general questions, round 2- rapid fire round, Buzzer round and round 4- Audiovisual round was played among the 4 teams. All participating students were felicitated by department of pharmacology faculty with prize.

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