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Mantoux test

  • 2022-11-02

Montouxtest,also known as Tuberculin skin test is a tool for screening tuberculosis and for tuberculosis diagnosis.The skill programme was attended by  undergraduate students of medical college ,paramedical and postgraduate dental college students.Under this activity the skill was demonstrated under three sections:

a)Administration of Mantoux test

b)Reading of results

c)Interpretation of Mantoux test

 The preparation steps included collecting of supplies, providing patient education, washing  hands, locating and cleaning the injection site, and preparing the syringe. When preparing to administer the Mantoux tuberculin skin test,  the area for administering the test should have a firm, well-lit surface, and that equipment and supplies should be ready. Supplies should include a vial of tuberculin, a single-dose disposable tuberculin syringe, a ruler with millimeter (mm) measurements, 2x2 gauze pads or cottonballs, alcohol swabs, a punctureresistant sharps disposal container, record-keeping forms for the patient and provider, and a pen. The tuberculin is administered using a single-dose disposable tuberculin syringe that has a onequarter to one-half inch, 27-gauge needle with a short bevel.

Participants were explained about the principle and method of Mantoux administration on suitable manequins. Students were explained about the process of reading of the test. They were shown the results through charts and diagrams and also explained about the interpretation of results.The participants were given role play to demonstrate Mantoux test on each other .In addition to Mantoux test students were also emphasized on hand hygiene and biomedical waste management.The skill workshop was a great success and each participant enjoyed it a lot.:Dr.AshutoshRawat, Dr.Ankita Gupta, Dr.Geeta Gupta coordinators the event. 94 students participated in the event.