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Mastering Hemoglobin Estimation through Point of Care Testing Hands On

  • 2023-10-06

We're thrilled to share the highlights of the recent session at the National Health Skill Conclave! Dr. Mayurika Tyagi, our esteemed Associate Professor, led an engaging session on "Mastering Hemoglobin Estimation through Point of Care Testing - Hands On."

The session was a deep dive into the principles and SOPs, providing invaluable insights into this critical healthcare skill. Mr N Manickam, our Chief Technical Officer with over 25 years of expertise, demonstrated the procedure with finesse, setting the stage for an immersive hands-on experience for every participant.

We're proud of our participants who actively engaged, handling equipment and mastering the procedure themselves! The skill session was a testament to our commitment to advancing healthcare education. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey of excellence! #IHBT #HealthcareSkills #NationalConclave #MedicalEducation #Blood transfusion #hemoglobin