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National Energy Conservation Day

  • 2022-12-14

The National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year on 14th December 2022. The purpose is to showcase the achievements of the nation in energy efficiency and conservation. This occasion has been celebrated since 1991 when is led by the Ministry of power. This day is celebrated to raise awareness regarding the conservation of energy as it is the best way to have a greener and brighter future.The day focuses on making people aware of global warming and climate change and promotes efforts towards saving energy resources. It also highlights the achievements of the country in the fields of energy efficiency and conservation.
There was an event held on 14th December 2022 at 2: 00pm by Central Research facility and Institution Innovation council in association with Santosh Startups Forum, to celebrate National Energy Conservation day. The event was arranged in LT 2, Santosh Deemed to be University.The event started with Ms.Indu Rani introducing IIC team members to all the attendees of the event who were MBBS,BDS and BPT students of various batches. She enlightened the fact that IIC is guided by Ministry Of Education. They’ve created these IIC centers so as to encourage and incubate startup ideas.Followed by Dr. Sanjeev Tomar welcoming the chief guest of the event, Dr.Sumita Giri (HOD & Professor Endodontics) and Dr.Neeraj Grover (HOD Oral Pathology). Dr. Sumita Giri interacted with the students and briefed about efforts needs to be made to ensure that energy is used efficiently by either using less energy for a particular constant purpose – like switching off lights and fans when not being used – or reducing the use of a particular service that uses energy – like driving less and using public transport instead.

She also told students that energy conservation is a conscious, individual effort, and at a macro level, it leads to energy efficiency and the different forms of energies and explained how our mental energy is affected by our day today lifestyle.  As per the theme of the event Dr. Sumita enlighten the students about the importance of Engery and how differently everyone perceives the concept of energy. She further added the usage of energy to one's benefit and how we can create our own positive Aura.

Moreover it was an informative and effective event. The event was also graced with the presence of dental academic coordinator Dr. Neeraj Grover sir. He praised the efforts of IIC and said that end goal of energy conservation is to reach sustainable energy.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Sanjeev Tomar sir. He lauded the efforts of Santosh Startups Forum and IIC & also appreciated the opportunities provided by the university to organize several events and encouraging the students for active participation in upcoming events.