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National Nutrition Month Celebration & Departmental Orientation

  • 2023-09-20

The Department of General Medicine of Santosh Medical College Hospital along with the Department of B.Sc Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics organized a departmental Orientation Program and celebrated National Nutrition Month on 20th of September, 2023 with the theme of “ HEALTHY DIET GOING AFFORDABLE FOR ALL”. The event was carried out in an enthusiastic way by us.

The event was attended by Chief Guest Medical Superintendent SMCH Dr. Alpana Agarwal, Dr Ashok Kumar HOD and professor General Medicine SMCH, Dr Shivani Bansal professor General Medicine and Faculty and students of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics.

The event started by facilitation of the Chief Guest by Dr Ashok Kumar and introduction of students with the respected Medical Superintendent, HOD and faculty members. After that, the presentation on the current millet year,basic interaction with patients regarding their nutritional status and important of nutrition was presented by Dr Ashok Kumar. The presentation was followed by knowledgeable speech and kind words by Dr Alpana Agarwal Medical Superintendent in which she praised the efforts of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department. Dr Shivani added a few more stars to the event by adding topics like overnutrition and unbalanced diet in the current scenario.

After all the seniors the faculty of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics also gave an introduction to the department through departmental orientation and also created awareness regarding National Nutrition Month and its theme “Healthy Diet Going Affordable for All”.

The event was concluded by thanking everyone and taking queries from students. High tea for all the attendees was also arranged. Afterward, students also visited different wards and departments in the Hospital. Overall, the event was a success and informative for the students.