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Post graduate & Faculty Development Program

  • 2023-02-07

A faculty and PG development program was conducted by the Dept of Prosthodontics on Intra oral scanning and digital impressions. Digital impression making is one of the newest technology that is becoming extremely popular these days. Digital impressions represent cutting-edge technology that allows dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using lasers and other optical scanning devices. The impression information then is transferred to a computer and used to create restorations, often without the need for stone models.

The program focused on digital impressions and its relevance in modern Prosthodontics, a demonstration was given on the patients. The post graduates also did the scanning on their own under supervision of faculty members.

Faculty Present:

Dr Puja Malhotra (Prof & Head)

Dr Rajiv K Gupta (Prof)

Dr Bharti Dua, (Sr. lecturer)

Dr Mansi Singh. (Sr. lecturer)

Postgraduates present:

Dr Ishann Malhotra, Dr Arpita Paul

Dr Hunny Khaitan, Dr Shreya, Dr Vishwas Uckoo

Dr Manisha Yerong, Dr Trisha ,Dr Rushikesh, Dr Ambika, Dr Mahitosh