DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

Quiz Competition-Thanato-quiz MBBS Batch 2022-23

  • 2024-02-20

The Department of Forensic Medicine conducted a Thanato-quiz for the students of MBBS Batch 2022-23.Thanatology i.e. study of death is a core topic of the subject. The questions were formulated with increasing level of difficulty and accommodated a broad range.The Batch was divided into two groups: Group A and Group B with the questions being projected on the screen. Each team was given equal opportunity to answer and score.Thirty questions were asked in total. The correct answers were being explained in between by the HOD Dr Ashok Sagar. Team B was adjourned the winner. Adequate incentive in the form of internal assessment will be rewarded to the winning team members. The event was successfully completed with great participation from the students and doubt clearing session.