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Santosh Allercon 2024

  • 2024-01-18

ENT department of Santosh Medical College & Hospital organised ALLERCON 2024 on 18/01/2024.
Objective of the CME was to impart knowledge, awareness and learn about the recent advancements in the field of ENT with respect to allergy detection, medical treatment and surgical management.

The CME was was held under the honorable patronship of Dr. Manoj Goyal (Chancellor, SDTBU) and Dr.Tripta S Bhagat (Vice Chancellor, SDTBU). The organising chairperson and co- chairperson were Dr. Alka Aggarwal (Dean & Professor, Dept of Pediatrics) & Dr. Sushil Gaur (Professor, Dept of ENT) respectively. The Convener was Dr. Tarun Malhotra (Professor & Head, Dept of ENT); Organising secretary was Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh (Associate professor); Joint secretaries were Dr. Raina Rathore (Assistant professor) and Dr. Shruti Tandon (Assistant professor).
Dr. Sarika Verma (Founder, The Allergydoc clinics) presented her talk on Allergy management by ENT professionals. Dr. Ombir Singh (Director, OM ENT hospital Ghaziabad) eloquently delivered a talk on Surgical approaches to allergic rhinitis.
Anatomy and Pathophysiology of Nose and Allergy was discussed by Dr. Raina Rathore and Dr. Shruti Tandon. Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh talked about the non-medical management of Allergic rhinitis.
Case presentation on Allergic Rhinitis was done by PGs, Dr Niharika and Dr. Vishawjeet.
Tangible Outcomes:
The sessions highlighted the importance of allergy detection, early administration of treatment, non-medical management of Allergic Rhinitis & recent advances in surgical management of Allergic Rhinitis. It was attended by consultants, faculties and postgraduates of various medical colleges and hospitals of Delhi and NCR. It helped in orientation of young minds towards allergy, it’s entire spectrum and unified airway concept. It guided the attendees towards a multidisciplinary approach to its management.