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Santosh medical college and hospital in the National health skills conclave-22-department of Respiratory medicine

  • 2022-11-02

On 2nd November 2022, Wednesday the respiratory medicine department conducted a workshop via the courtesy of Dr. Manish K. Sharma on oxygen therapy in NHSCE 2022.

The aim of the workshop was to put forward the basics of O2 therapy, what devices are available for oxygen supplementation and which one is better suitable in different patients.

There were 4 interactive stations in which the UG(MBBS) students took part in a decent number in the groups of 20 each in rotation every 15 minutes.

Station 1 was head by Dr. Prekshy (JR2) and Dr. Swati (JR1) on the topic assessing the need of oxygen therapy by nasal prongs and face mask.

Station 2 was head by Dr. Raman (JR1) on the indications of Venturi mask and high flow NRBM.

Station 3 was head by Dr. Pooja (JR3) and station 4 was head by Dr. Eshutosh (JR3), both of these stations were on the topic BiPap, it’s different parts, indications and contraindications.

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