DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

Symposium on Pregnancy & Kidney Disease

  • 2023-09-14

Recapping an enlightening event! On September 14th, 2023, we gathered at Santosh Hospital, Ghaziabad NCR Delhi for the Symposium on Pregnancy & Kidney Disease. Hosted by the Departments of Nephrology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and General Medicine, this event was graced by our esteemed Chief Guest, Dr. Alka Agarwal, the Dean of Santosh Medical College, STDU. Heartfelt thanks to our hosts: Dr. K. L. Gupta (Prof & HOD Nephrology), Dr. Ashok Kumar (Prof & HOD General Medicine), and Dr. Manisha Gupta (Prof & HOD Obstetrics & Gynecology). Your presence and expertise made this symposium a tremendous success, and we look forward to more enlightening events in the future!

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