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Value Added Course-Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratory

  • 2023-04-27

TheValue Added Course on “Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratory” was conducted by Department of Biochemistry from 29th April 2023. The course introduced the concept of quality assurance and different stages involved in the process. The course was conducted in afternoon session for four continuous Saturdays starting from 29th April, 2022 and concluded on 27th May, 2022. The sessions were conducted by Dr.Juhi Aggarwal,Professor & Head and Dr R N Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Santosh Medical College and hospital. The course comprised of theory sessions and practical demonstrations. The important topics covered in the sessions were the quality assurance practices employed in the pre-analytical, Analytical and post-analytical processes. Students were introduced to the Quality control practices. Both Internal Quality control and External Quality Assurance Systems were discussed in detail. All sessions concluded with a Q&A session to make sure the concepts are clearly understood by the students. Feedbacks were collected from the students at the end of the course.The session concluded with a group photo of the instructors and participants.


1. To introduce students to the fundamental concepts and principles of quality assurance in clinical laboratories.

2.To familiarize students with the regulatory requirements and accreditation standards governing clinical laboratory quality assurance.

3. To develop students' skills in implementing quality control measures, standard operating procedures, and proficiency testing in a clinical laboratory.

4. To enhance students' understanding of data analysis, root cause analysis, and corrective actions in the context of quality assurance.

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