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Workshop On Interpretation And Management Of Data

  • 2024-02-14

ENT department of Santosh Medical College & Hospital organised a RESEARCH FDP- WORKSHOP ON INTERPRETATION & MANAGEMENT OF DATA Date: 14-02-24, 9:00 AM Venue: Lecture Theatre Complex

Objective of the FDP was to impart knowledge and create awareness about the different aspects of research like epidemiology, evidence based medicine and on patient based research & outcomes.


The FDP was held under the guidance of Dr. Tarun Malhotra (Prof. And HOD ENT, SMCH).

The Guest Speakers invited for the FDP were Dr. Chandresh Agarwal (Prof & HOD, Dept of ENT, SIMS, HAPUR) & Dr. Seema Monga (Prof & HOD, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research).

The Convener was Dr. Sushil Gaur (Professor) and Organising secretary was Dr.Abhay Kumar Singh (Associate professor). The Joint Secretaries were Dr.Raina Rathore and Dr. Shruti Tandon (Assistant professors)

It was attended by consultants of Ghaziabad region, faculties and  PGs of various medical colleges and hospitals of Delhi-NCR. Following the welcome address, the eminent guest speakers deliberated on various aspects of research and interpretation of data.

Following the welcome address, Dr Seema Monga elaborated the details of methodological discipline design study in epidemiology like levels of evidence, minimizing bias, observational and analytical studies in epidemiology including: cross- sectional studies, cohort studies, case control studies & randomized control trial.

Dr Tarun Malhotra discussed about systematic improvement of patient care which constitutes the epidemiological triad in evidence-based medicine: clinical judgement, relevant scientific evidence and patient’s values and preferences.

Dr Chandresh Agarwal deliberated about relevant essentials in the assessment of patient outcome on the basis of appropriateness, validity, reliability, reproducibility & precision/sensitivity. Different types of patient-based outcomes like health profile, disease specific, site specific and dimension specific instruments along with relevant examples were discussed in detail.

Concluding Remarks about the event were summarized by Dr Raina Rathore.

Tangible Outcomes:

Dissemination of knowledge about the various aspects of patient care, research and evaluation of data.

The attendees were educated about the different kinds of studies and formulation of data for the same.

It helped in orientation of faculties present and helped in educating on interpretation and management of data.