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World Copd Day

  • 2022-11-16

November 16, 2022, On the occasion of World COPD Day, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Santosh Medical College Ghaziabad organised a webinar on the topic of ‘CHANGES IN GOLD COPD 2022 GUIDELINES’. It was presented by Dr. Vidushi Bhardwaj (JR-2).The webinar was graced by the dignified presence of Dr. Manish Sharma (HoD), Dr. Prachi Saxena (Asst. Prof.), Dr. Mahendran (Asst. Prof.) along with PG student and interns.

PG students: Dr. Eshutosh Chandra (JR-3), Dr. Pooja Das (JR-3), Dr. Prekshy Singh (JR-2), Dr. Swati Sharma (JR-1), Dr. Pritam Singh (JR-1), Dr. Ramanpreet (JR-1).

Interns: Dr. Ankit Pandey, Dr. Ankit Rajput, Dr. Anchal and Dr. Ankita

The session was culminated with the insightful closing remarks of Dr. Prachi Saxena

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