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World Eye Donation Day

  • 2023-06-10

On the occasion of World Eye Donation Day (10th June, 2023), Department of ophthalmology, Santosh Hospital, Ghaziabad created awareness about the importance of eye donation and how to proceed about it. People were told about the impact and benefits of eye donation on the society. Various misconceptions about this topic were also addressed & people’s queries were answered. In a country like India, with the high rates of blindness, there is a huge burden for corneal requirement. The number of corneal transplants performed are much less than the actual requirement due to the insufficient number of corneas collected. People were told that how by donating their eyes, they can enlighten the life of two blind persons. This gesture of theirs would allow people to come out of darkness and step into a life full of colours. People were also notified about the Eye bank facility at Santosh hospital, the only eye bank in Ghaziabad and all types of corneal transplant surgeries done here .

For more information you can visit our website also: https://www.santosh.ac.in/