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World Health Day

  • 2023-04-07

World Health Day is a global observance held on April 7th each year to promote awareness about health-related issues and encourage individuals to lead healthier lifestyles. Student Welfare section of Santosh Deemed to be University organized a dynamic event to commemorate World Health Day, incorporating activities such as balloon filling, e-poster presentations, skipping, and push-up competitions. The event was inaugrated by Dean dental Dr Akshay Bhargav , Dean student welfare Dr Rajiv Ahluwalia and faculty members Dr Natasha Singh & Dr Punee.t The event was held in the Dental LT which provided a suitable space for e-poster presentations Students from diverse academic programs actively participated in the event, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Many activities were held at that like

- Balloon filling competition

- Skipping competition

- Pushup competition

- E-poster competition

Balloon Filling Competition:

The day began with a balloon filling competition, which aimed to encourage students to participate in a physically engaging activity. Teams of students competed against each other to fill and tie the maximum number of balloons within a specified time frame. This activity promoted teamwork, coordination, and provided an opportunity for students to stay active.

E-Poster Exhibition:

To educate students about different aspects of health and wellness, an e-poster exhibition was organized. Students were invited to create digital posters on various topics such as nutrition, mental health, exercise, and disease prevention. The e-posters were displayed on large screens throughout the college campus, allowing students to learn about different health-related subjects and take inspiration from their peers’ creative work

Skipping Competition:

Skipping is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that improves stamina and coordination. A skipping competition was held to encourage students to engage in physical activity and promote the importance of regular exercise. Participants showcased their skipping skills and competed for the highest number of consecutive skips. The competition not only provided a platform for students to showcase their talents but also motivated others to adopt skipping as a part of their fitness routine.

Push-Up Competition:

To emphasize the significance of strength training and overall body fitness, a push-up competition was organized. Students participants and competed to perform the maximum number of push-ups they could in a specific time period. This activity aimed to inspire students to focus on building strength and maintaining a healthy body.

And the winner of the events are

E poster:- 1st --Tanya Katyal (Bds intern)

2nd –Ghanakshi Gupta(Bds first year)

3rd –Sia saxena (Bds third year)

Push up :- 1st—Pryas Arya (Bds Second year)

2nd—Abhishek (Bds 3rd year)

3rd—Aditiya (Bds 2nd year)

Skipping:- 1st—Supriya(Bds Second year)

2nd—Bhawna Mishra(Bds first year)

3rd—Danish(Mbbs Second year)

Best skipping credit:- Muskaan (bdsBds intern)

Balloon filling :- 1st—Sweta &Hritik (Bds & Mbbs final year)

2nd—Dugraj& Danish (Mbbs Second year)

3rd—Nanika Goswami & Ujjwal Mavi (Bds first year)

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