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Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty that provides oral health care to children till 13 years of age that is including infants and children through adolescence and those with special health care needs.
By being an age-specific specialty, pediatric dentistry encompasses disciplines such as behaviour guidance, care of the medically and developmentally compromised and disabled patient, supervision of orofacial growth and development, caries prevention, sedation, pharmacological behaviour management, and hospital dentistry, as well as other traditional fields of dentistry.
These skills are applied to the needs of children throughout their ever-changing stages of development and to treating conditions and diseases unique to growing individuals.
At Santosh Dental College we have access to a hospital set-up and thus we manage trauma and medical emergency cases efficiently.

The Department Of Paediatric And Preventive Dentistry Deals With Both Primary And Comprehensive, Preventive And Therapeutic Health Care Needs Of Both Infant And Children Through Adolescents Including Those With Special Health Care Needs.



To be recognised as International Leaders in Paediatric Dental Education, research and to develop a clinical delivery model to serve the unmet needs in oral health care of children.



1. To promote oral health of infants, children and adolescent including those with special health care needs through education.

2. To provide comprehensive and complex clinical care at highest level.

3. To conduct innovative and transformative research in the field of Paediatric Dentistry




1 Dr. Nidhi Gupta Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Natasha Gambhir Professor
3 Dr. Naresh Sharma Professor
4 Dr. Neeti Mittal  Professor
5 Dr. Rashi Singh Reader
6 Dr. Sameksha Arora Reader
7 Dr. Divya Singh Lecturer
8 Dr. Jinal Rajesh katira Lecturer
9 Dr. Aman Jain Lecturer
10 Dr. Sakshi jain Lecturer



Insight into the department:


• Coveted MDS and PhD programmes.
• Excellent exposure to clinical material with a focus on special cases.
• Very well-placed alumni.
• Best platform to achieve national and international recognition focus on research with abundant publications.
• Emphasis on student and faculty- scientific enrichment, extension and progression.
• Recognition by UNESCO chair in bioethics Haifa as national dental bioethics unit at Santosh Dental College and Hospital, Santosh Deemed to be university.
• Cohesive and progressive department.


Curriculam Enrichment: 


Department is involved in clinical and research work that will generate new scientific  knowledge especially in following areas:

1) Special child Dentistry
2) Nano-Technology in Dentistry
3) Artificial  Intelligence                                                        
4) Forensic odontology in pediatric dentistry


Types of treatments offered to patients and learnt by postgraduates:


Pulpectomiy, Pulpotomy, Apexogenesis, Apexification, Space Maintainers, Stainless Steel Crown, Lasers, Space Regainers, ECC And Rampant Caries Management, Frenulectomy, Feeding Aplliance For Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Cases, SDF Application, Preventive Dentistry, Child & Parent Councelling, Diet Councelling, Regenarative Endodontics, Anterior Esthetic Crowns, General Anaesthesia Cases and Nitrous Oxide Cases etc.


Achievements of Department:


  • Awards / Recognitions Received By Faculties: 11
  • Total Publications: 98
  •  Indexed with Scopus/WOS/PubMed: 49
  • Copyrights filed: 8
  • Patents Published: 5
  • Awards/ Recognitions received at the National Level by students: 23 for Innovation & Research


Plan Ongoing Forward:


  • To promote Preventive Dentistry with the aim of achieving dental disease-free childhood in the community.
  • To setup an online counselling centre for contact sports injuries.
  • To develop the culture of innovation for beneficence of pediatric dentistry.

News & Events


Post Graduate students and Faculty were a part of the organizing Team:


At Santosh Dental College:

  • Pedodontics day Week- Awareness programme –every year 14th November  Womens Day celebration 8th March
  • Swachh Bharat Abhayan 2nd Oct  Oral Health Day 20th March  Save the Girl Child Campaign
  • Post Graduate students and Faculty were a part of the organizing Team


At Department Of Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry:


  • National Skill Conclave
  •  Lecture and demonstration of Rotary endodontics by Dr. Himanshu Kapoor
  • Lecture on Behaviour management by Dr. Nikhil Marwah
  • Undertaking N20 sedation in Pediatric Dentistry  Childrens day Celebration


Student support and progression:



    1. Dr. Achla Goel   Best poster award - Pedopulse PG Convention ISPPD
    2. Dr. Carrolene Langpoklakpam & Dr. Ramya JR   1st prize in Video Presentation, PG Convention All India Level
    3. Dr Nahid Iftikhar   Best paper award in ‘Denesia 5th  National Dental Conference
  Pedosphere’ , 39th Annual Conference of ISPPD
    4. Dr. Sameep     Singh   Ist prize in Poster Competition, PG Conference All India Level
    5. Dr. Sreenita Choudhury Pujari   1st prize in Poster Competition, PG Conference All India Level



Dr. Nahid Iftikhar; Research Scholar in Comprehensive Dentistry at UT Health, USA.

Dr. Shalini Dixit; Dental officer at ECHS Telangana.

Dr. Rachna Sharma; Senior lecturer in D Y Patil, Mumbai.

Dr. Carrolene Langpoklangpom; Senior Lecturer in Manav Rachna Dental College.

Dr. Khushtar Haider; Head, Department of Dentistry in Govt. Hospital.