DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in

Each year we welcome a large number of students to our university. I’m delighted to take over this platform to address you all on behalf of Santosh Deemed to be University. I sincerely believe that the students will make the best use of the opportunities to become competent professionals and above all great human beings. We emphasize that students should show consideration and respect for their Teachers, Seniors, Peers and others in the community. Students are reminded that they live as a part of a community that includes students and staff who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures worldwide. However, we share an ethos that respects openness inclusiveness congeniality and diversity, we are proud of our talented, motivated and energetic faculty and staff. Creating the right ambience on campus for a vibrant knowledge culture and intellectual system is one of our top priorities. This ensures “Holistic Development” of students. 


The office of the DEAN STUDENT WELFARE functions as a hub of various activities that promote fraternity corporation assimilation, accommodation and unity among the students. To unleash the talent of our students we meticulously work and promote extracurricular activities, clubs and various annual events, besides dealing with student misconduct and other such irregularities to ensure the discipline and safety of the students. We are committed to both deepening, existing collaboration and exploring new ties. With the motto of friendly, fair and firm we are always at the disposal of our students and give them best wishes for their creative endeavours).