DR. S.V. SINGH, OMBUDSPERSON - E-mail ID: ombudsperson@santosh.ac.in


It is with great pride and humility that I reflect on our journey together in the Department of General Surgery. Over the past 25 years, we have achieved remarkable milestones, transforming our department into a beacon of excellence in surgical education and practice. 

From my tenure as the Head of the Department from 2010 to 2022, we have witnessed unprecedented growth and success. Through our collective efforts, we have elevated the department to be recognized as the Best Performing department in the University. This achievement is a testament to our dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence. 

One of our key accomplishments was the expansion of our PG seats from 4 to 10 per year in 2020, allowing us to train more aspiring surgeons and contribute significantly to the field of surgery. Additionally, our focus on hands-on surgeries and skills development has enhanced the learning experience for both undergraduates and postgraduates, preparing them for successful careers in surgery. 

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the success of the conferences and workshops we have organized, including the most successful Conference of International Society of Colo-Proctology - WORLDCON 2024 and the Live Operative Workshop and Fellowship of ISCP in November 2023. These events have not only showcased our expertise but have also contributed to the advancement of surgical knowledge and skills globally. 

Furthermore, our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the establishment of an advanced Skills Lab with State-of-the-Art Endotraining Systems, as well as the upgrading of Allied Health Sciences and Paramedical and Nursing colleges, offering a comprehensive educational experience to our students. 

As we look to the future, I am confident that we will continue to uphold our standards of excellence and innovation in surgical education and practice. Together, we will strive to make further advancements in the field of surgery and continue to inspire the next generation of surgeons.