An insight into criteria III NAAC

  • 2021-02-20


Event Report

  1. An Orientation program was conducted by Department of Central Research Under Faculty Development Program on 20th Feb 2020, 12 hrs to 1:15 PM at Maharaja Hall, Santosh Deemed to be University.
  2. The topic of the program was “ An insight into Criteria 3 NAAC”
  3. The meeting was address by Dean Research Dr. Jyoti Batra
  4. A total of 34 faculty members participated in the program.
  5. An overview of criteria 3 was given and suggestion was invited at the level of each faculty member as well as each department, to improve the same.
  6. One of the most important and urgent quality mark that is perceived gaps was shared with faculty members regarding the publication ratio of “at least one publication per one faculty per year in journals indexed in Scopus/Web of Science/Pubmed-data bases”
  7. The faculty members who were present:

  8. Central Research Faculty
    1. Dr. Saurabh Gupta,
    2. Mr. Ankit Singh,
    3. Dr. Sivanesan,
    4. Dr. Neeti Mittal
    5. Mr. Manveen Singh Chadha

    Santosh Medical College & Hospital
    1. Dr. Rani Srivastava,
    2. Dr. Gajendra Kumar Gupta,
    3. Dr. Pradeep Kumar,
    4. Dr. Shalabh Gupta,
    5. Dr. Neelima Agarwal,
    6. Dr. Manisha Gupta,
    7. Dr. Ashok Kumar,
    8. Dr. Shivani Bansal,
    9. Dr. Navinkumar Varma,
    10. Dr. Navpreet Mann,
    11. Dr. Namita,
    12. Dr. Nisha Kaul,
    13. Dr. Rinku Garg,
    14. Mr. Ashish Gaur,
    15. Dr. Yogesh Yadav,
    16. Dr. Jyotsna Sharma,
    17. Dr. Prem K. Garg ,
    18. Dr. Malay Bajpai,
    19. Dr. Preeti Sharma,
    20. Dr. K. C. Aggarwal,
    21. Dr. Alka Agrawal,
    22. Dr. Deepika Aggarwal.

    Santosh Dental College & Hospital
    1. Dr. Akshay Bhargva
    2. Dr. Rajiv Ahluwalia
    3. Dr. Priyanka Bhushan
    4. Dr. Rashi Singh

    1. Dr. Dakshina Bisht
    2. Mrs. Pragnya Mohanty
    3. Dr. Rajan
  9. Criteria 3 Print Outs from the NAAC site were distributed to faculty members.
  10. The house was open for discussion Dr. Ashok Kumar, Prof & HOD requested for higher Band Width for hospital Wi-Fi to use Scopus database and one secretarial staff with system facility to improve the efficiency of the research work.
  11. Outcome:
    • The strategic plan regarding the publication requirement for faculty promotion only in journal indexed in Scopus/Web of Science/Pubmed/UGC-Care list.
    • All post-graduates and ph.d. Candidates shall also prepare the manuscripts for publication out of dissertation only to scopus/web of science/pubmed/UGC-care list.
    • All professors in various department of Santosh Deemed to be university shall publish at least one article per year only in the indexed journals included in Scopus/Seb of Science/pubmed/UGC-care list.
    • All conference-Abstracts Books, Seminar Volumes, Workshops Books shall be titled as proceedings of conferences/workshops/seminar and reshape and printed as ISSN/ISBN publications. All review series by the various departments shall be titled as updates in that particular subject.
    • A fast track strategy has to evolve at the level of Departmental research committee by the respective head of the departments.