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Vision Mission


Forensic medicine is the application of medical knowledge for the purposes of law and administration of justice.
Briefly: Medicine (as applied to) »Law

  • It deals with the study of legal principles that guide Medical personnel means
    Law (as applied to) »Medical personnel.
  • It also teaches us the moral principles guiding medical people in their dealing with their patients and conventional laws of courtesy observed between a member of the medical profession.


Medical education:

  • The department is providing teaching, learning, and demonstration in the speciality of forensic medicine for UG students of III, IV & V semester of MBBS and PG students aspiring for MD Forensic Medicine.
  • After the completion of 18 months in the department, we make our students enables to Identify, examine, prepare reports & make certificate in medicolegal cases.
  • Make them competent to prepare a report of age estimation, injury, drunkenness, death, sickness, fitness & sex-related offenses.
  • Perform medicolegal PM examination to find out the cause, manner, & time pass since the death.
  • Preserve & dispatch pieces of evidence in medicolegal / PM cases to appropriate govt. agencies for examination.
  • Make them understand medical ethics, etiquette, duty & responsibilities of physicians towards patients, profession, society, state & community at large.
  • Various court /legal procedures applicable to medico-legal / medical practice.
  • Do’s & Don’t to prevent themselves from cases of medical negligence.



  • The Dept. is engaged in various research activities presently working on age estimation of 18 years in females as this age has become very important in cases of statutory rape(The criminal law amendment act, 2013 came into force on Feb 3, 2013.)

Thrust Areas

The Team

1 DR. VISHWAJEET SINGH  Associate Professor
2 DR. SHILPA SINGH Assistant Professor
3 DR. GAURAV Demonstrator
4 DR. AVNEESH KUMAR Demonstrator
5 DR. BHUMIJA Demonstrator



Departmental Museum has a very good collection of charts, Wet specimens, Wax Specimen, Poisons and various weapons including various Fire Arms to facilitate learning and understanding for UG & PG Students.


UG & PG Lab:

The department also has Lab facilities for Examination of Biological fluids ( Blood, Saliva, Semen) and trace pieces of evidence.

Research Contributions

The efforts are being made to start Medico-Legal work like Age estimation and Examination of Sexual Offence of victim & accused to restart the Post Graduation in the department.

Events & Announcements

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Accredited as regulatory Bodies – MCI, UGC & NAAC